Turning Fuzzy “Culture Stuff” Into a Strategic Plan that can Scale

People and culture leader Margo Downs joined us for an episode of the Creative Confidence series to share lessons learned from her years as a leader in people operations at Stitch Fix, Starbucks, and lululemon athletica—companies well known for their distinctive cultures. We dove into the building blocks of culture, her framework for operationalizing culture at scale, and how to impact culture regardless of your seniority or title.


Craft a Human-Centered Change Statement with These 4 Tips

What do you want to change? Even if you know in your bones that change in your organization or your network is desperately needed, it can be hard to put into words what it is exactly that needs to shift...and why. Defining this change and the desired outcome you seek is the first step toward building a plan that will deliver lasting change. Bryan Walker, IDEO partner and managing director and head of the Design for Change studio, says that before embarking on a change journey, you need to write a change statement to guide your work.


Change Journeys: What Change Are You Working On?

In this episode of our Creative Confidence Series, hear from Bryan Walker, a Partner and Managing Director at IDEO who leads IDEO’s Design for Change studio. He shares what’s different about IDEO’s human-centered approach to change and lessons from his work with clients across the world to inspire change—from culture shifts to growing innovation capabilities—in organizations big and small.



Bridging the Gap Between the Future and Business Reality

In this episode of our Creative Confidence Series, Joe Gerber, Managing Director of IDEO’s CoLab, talks about how to connect the dots between a vision of the future and a business that can make that vision a reality. Joe shares how the team at CoLab are using design fiction and cross-organizational stakeholder collaboration to uncover meaningful innovation and launch new ventures in the world of emerging technology, the Circular Economy, and more.


A Founder’s 5 Tips for Building a Mission-driven Business

In this episode of our Creative Confidence Series, IDEO U Dean Suzanne Gibbs Howard speaks with Mighty Networks CEO and Founder Gina Bianchini about how to launch and lead a business when the future of that business is yet to be defined. Gina shares the story of how she spotted the market opportunity for Mighty Networks, built the business through experimentation and co-creation with the community, and continues to lead her team to push the boundaries of innovation.