IDEO U Learning Experience

At IDEO, we’ve invested decades in teaching our clients, partners, and many others how to solve challenges more creatively. And now, we’re making these skills and mindsets even more accessible and impactful through our online learning experience, IDEO U. Through rounds of design, feedback, measurement, and refinement, we’ve created a learning experience to help as many people as possible work in new ways.

Learn from IDEO’s Top Talent

Our courses are created and taught by IDEO’s top talent. These include IDEO partners and directors. Many other design thinking or innovation courses are taught by people with an academic perspective. While we certainly value this, we know that the nuances of a fast-paced business world can be bolstered with a more practical approach.

Peek Behind the Curtain at IDEO

Learners often comment that through our courses they get a “peek behind the curtain” at what goes on inside IDEO and what makes our work, and the collaborative work experience, so magical. IDEO U is one way that IDEO welcomes more like-minded change makers deeper into our community.

Two Distinct Learning Experiences


5-week courses taken alongside a global learning community to deeply embed new ways of working. They’re offered at specific times of the year, approximately once a quarter.


Self-paced online videos and assignments available on-demand to quickly establish common language and understanding.

Skills & Mindsets of Our Learning Experiences

In both our classes and courses, we teach you the skills and mindsets that unlock creative confidence.

The learning experience shifts slightly across our on-demand classes and our multi-week courses. We explain more below.

IDEOU Learning Experience
IDEOU Learning Experience


Learn through engaging, entertaining, bite-sized videos. Each lesson has a series of 3-5 minute videos about a particular topic explaining the why, what, and how. Plus we bring everything to life through IDEO’s case studies from around the globe.

IDEOU Learning Experience


We know that students learn creativity and innovation by doing. In our classes and courses, there are activities that you can do in a few minutes. In our multi-week courses, we also have learners take on in-depth projects with assignments in the real world. These help build stronger muscles around creativity and innovation.

IDEOU Learning Experience


We know that when people share their work with each other, they deepen their learning. Our classes and courses come with downloadable toolkits and takeaways that you can keep, use again and again, and leverage in your work.

When you join an IDEO U multi-week course, you’ll have opportunities to discuss with a dynamic community of learners around the world. We find that while this may not be the reason people join an IDEO U course, it’s one of the pieces they end up loving the most. Our multi-week courses also have a teaching team from diverse industries inside the community to facilitate discussion and provide feedback.

IDEOU Learning Experience
IDEOU Reflect


Every person, team, and organization does things a little differently. When you reflect, whether on your own, in a discussion group, or with your colleagues, it helps you make these learnings truly your own. In our classes and courses, we provide ample opportunities for reflection and discussion to help you learn even more.

Team Learning Experience

While many individuals take our classes and courses, we also have teams participate in IDEO U together. Based on experience and feedback from diverse teams and companies, we’ve developed a toolkit to share best practices and help teams get the most out of the learning experience.


IDEOU Team Learning Experience