Blockchain and Distributed Web: Why You Should Care

When it comes to emerging technology, it’s often anyone’s guess what the future will hold. At IDEO U we are far from having a crystal ball and that’s why we advocate for “building to think” or, rather, making prototypes to learn how people react. To help get our heads around emerging tech, we invited our IDEO friends, IDEO CoLab, in for a Creative Confidence Series session about emerging tech (and why you should care).


Ways to Grow Your Team’s Curiosity

As a leader, how can you take a step back and get curious? And how can you build curiosity on your team? It starts with daily practices that allow us to seek and find inspiration everywhere—not just when we’re searching for it.


Innovate with a User-centric Mentality

Observing and listening to consumers in their natural environments—where they eat, sleep, work, play and shop—can generate a bounty of innovative inspirations that are nearly impossible to discover without leaving the corporate campus.


How to Create Change in Your Organization

How do you build the capacity for continuous innovation within a company? Bryan Walker developed a curiosity for this challenge, designing for change, as he was trying to figure out how to help organizations get new ideas out in the world. As a partner at IDEO, he leads the IDEO Design for Change studio and is an instructor in the upcoming IDEO U course, Designing for Change.