Creative Confidence Podcast

Conversations on leadership and design thinking

The IDEO U Creative Confidence Podcast hosts candid conversations with some of today’s most inspiring change makers, design thinkers, and creative minds. IDEO U Executive Design Director Coe Leta Stafford and Founder Suzanne Gibbs Howard speak with guests about their approach to leadership, creativity, innovation, and growth. Get insight into their success through personal stories and real-world examples, and learn how to bring a human-centered approach to your own work.

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The Power of Play: How to Solve Problems Like a Toy Designer
Michelle Lee, Partner & Managing Director, IDEO
Thursday, February 15th, 2024 10am PT / 1pm ET

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Latest Episodes

  • Why Strategic Planning Feels like a Waste of Time: Roger Martin

    Learn about what makes a good strategy with Roger Martin, strategy advisor and bestselling author.

  • Influence as a Remote or Hybrid Worker: Sacha Connor

    Learn how to create a remote influence plan from Sacha Connor, Founder of Virtual Work Insider.

  • How to Use Data for Innovation: Bo Peng

    Learn how to use data to uncover opportunities for innovation and better understand people and problems from Bo Peng, Senior Portfolio Director of Data Science at IDEO.

  • Leading Change: Deirdre Cerminaro and Bryan Walker

    Why leading change always starts with people, and tools you can try to make people the catalysts for change.

  • How to Confront Bias at Work: Kim Scott

    Learn a framework for identifying bias, prejudice and bullying and choosing a response; tools leaders can use to disrupt bias; and ways to be an upstander at work.

  • Belonging at Work: Susie Wise

    The 3 foundational elements of belonging, and the tools and levers of design you can use to foster it.

  • Customer Centricity: Leslie Witt

    How organizations can shift toward more customer centricity, and why it starts with employee health.

  • Creative Leadership: Tim Brown

    Tips for how leaders can tap into creativity to solve today’s biggest challenges from IDEO Co-Chair Tim Brown.