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On Catalysts and Barriers to Innovation in Latin America

At IDEO, we keep hearing from native spanish speakers who are curious about design thinking and creativity and hungry to learn more. And in our own work in Latin America, we’ve found fantastic people who are setting up innovation labs, building creativity in their teams, and working across companies. As we look to spread design thinking methods and mindsets throughout the globe, we’ve been chatting with IDEO U alums and others who have insight into making design thinking a part of innovation in Latin America.


5 Ways to Become a Better Storyteller

When Jenn Maer first arrived at IDEO from the advertising world a decade or so ago, not many people were calling themselves storytellers. Now, as she says, “storytelling is having a moment.” Companies are incorporating it into so much of what they do, from pitching to branding, and explaining their values. But just as home cooks have a lot to learn before they can become trained chefs, there’s a lot to learn before you can master storytelling.


How Tim Brown Encourages the Advancement of Bold Ideas

If you’re a leader, chances are, you got to this point by showing results and having the right answers. But your next mission (should you choose to accept it) is to work on executing bigger and bolder ideas. In fact, it’s no secret that we all have to do this. We constantly have to move good ideas up the chain of command and into the market so that our organizations thrive and have an impact. To do this, one tip Tim Brown recommends is to make your ideas fitter so they can thrive.


Naysayers & Co-Conspirators: The Best Partners for Change

Facing change isn’t always easy—especially when it’s a competitor taking market share, a start-up suddenly disrupting the space, or a product becoming obsolete. IDEO partners with clients spanning a wide range of industries to develop the organizational structures, culture, and behaviors that drive their success, and ultimately to build creative capabilities within these companies so they can continue to innovate and adapt.