• 6 Ways to Prepare for the Future of Work

    In an interview with Bill and IDEO U Dean Suzanne Gibbs Howard on the IDEO U Creative Confidence Podcast, he shares insight into crafting a career that brings you happiness and gives these tips for preparing for the future of work.

  • Build Confidence in Your Strategy with Small Tests

    Testing might sound like a very analytical activity, but it’s actually one of the most creative things you can do when developing a strategy for your business or organization. In this conversation, Jennifer Riel, IDEO’s Global Director of Strategy, breaks down ways to test your assumptions, build confidence, and weed out poor choices before rolling out a new strategy.

  • How to Be a Better Presenter

    In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, IDEO’s Dav Rauch explains why it’s important to connect with your audience as a presenter and how to get them in the right mindset to be open to new ideas. He shares techniques you can use to be a better presenter and help people retain the information you share. Hear more from Dav and learn how to craft more human-centered presentations in our new online course, Impactful Presentations.

  • 5 Behaviors to Fuel More Play and Better Ideas

    In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, IDEO’s Brendan Boyle shares how to bring more playfulness into your work. This is the second in a series of articles about our conversation with Brendan.

  • Designing Your Work Life

    In the#1 New York Times bestselling book Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett and his co-author Dave Evans showed us how design thinking can help us create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling. With their second book, Designing Your Work Life, they zero in on finding happiness at work. In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, Bill gives advice on how to assess the potential of your current career and shares ways to redesign and re-engage with your job.

  • 10 Activities To Generate Better Ideas

    Brendan Boyle, IDEO partner and founder of the IDEO Play Lab, joined us on the Creative Confidence Podcast to share how to bring more playfulness into your work. Get into a creative mindset and generate an abundance of new ideas with his favorite creative warm ups and group activities. This is the first in a series of articles about our conversation with Brendan.

  • Unexpected Ways to Use Storytelling at Work

    Resident IDEO storytellers Zena Barakat and Brian Janosch talk about the importance of stories in the world of business and innovation. Learn how to get started weaving stories into your work today with real life examples and tips for using stories in common business scenarios.

  • 9 Skills You’ll Need to be Resilient This Year

    How might you become more resilient this year? As food for thought, we asked a few of our instructors and expert guests from the Creative Confidence Podcast to share one skill they think professionals should cultivate this year. We hope their answers inspire you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and find your growth edge.

  • How a Lawyer Gets Creative at Work

    Here is Rochael’s advice for how you can bring more creativity into your role if you work in a functional area like operations or finance.

  • 6 Ways to Bring out the Natural Creativity in Others

    Rochael Adranly, IDEO partner and general counsel, has spent her career finding the balance between the rules-based world of law and the ambiguous, non-rules-based world of design. In this Creative Confidence Podcast episode, she shares how to bring out the natural creativity in others and encourage colleagues to be your partners in innovation—instead of your roadblocks.

  • Learnings from Looking Inside Thousands of Businesses

    As a venture capital investor at Collaborative Fund and Kindred Ventures, Kanyi Maqubela has invested in dozens of companies—including Lyft, Kickstarter, Beyond Meat, and Blue Bottle Coffee—and evaluated hundreds more. He seeks out founders and businesses that are not only addressing a market need, but have the potential to reinvent our future. In this episode of our Creative Confidence Podcast, he shares the elements he looks for to signal a strong business idea, an impactful leader, and a collaborative team.

  • Adopt a Musical Mindset to Tap Into Your Creativity

    Michael Hendrix is an IDEO partner and global director of design, as well as a lifelong musician and associate professor at the Berklee College of Music. Over his 25-year career he’s co-founded an art school for high schoolers, a professional design curriculum for undergrads, two professional design clubs, and three small businesses, as well as helping clients across all kinds of industries find innovative solutions to tough design challenges. In this conversation, he talks about the topic of his upcoming book—what we can learn from the shared mindsets of musicians and designers.