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Get into the Journey Mapping Mindset with This Exercise

Journey mapping can be daunting. When considering a user journey, we recommend starting with what you know and using this as a spark to help you think creatively about what could be different. Often when designing services we tend to think only about the moment of interaction when the service happens, but it’s important think beyond that moment and consider the entire user experience well before or after the interaction. Here’s an activity to help you get into the mindset of designing for the entire user journey.


Use This Quick Warm-up to Get into the Creative Headspace

Brendan Boyle, Founder of the IDEO Toy Lab and a contributing instructor in our Unlocking Creativity class, has a knack for helping others insert more creativity and playfulness into their work. He recommends that you start every meeting with a creative workout to elevate the energy in the room. Here’s a simple activity in imagination play that Brendan uses to get the team into a more creative headspace.