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Accepting teams for November and 2018 courses

At IDEO, we believe in a simple become more competitive, become more creative.

IDEO U for Teams

Learn together

Grow your team's creative problem-solving skills among a community of innovation professionals.

Empower your team

Through hands-on learning, apply practical design think- ing methods to your day-to-day work.

Build creative confidence

Help your organization exe- cute on bold new ideas using IDEO's proven approach to innovation.

What's new?

Designing for Change

Learn the mindsets and skills of a human-centered approach to creating change and growing it into a lasting movement.
Hello Design Thinking

Unlock your creative potential through this online introduction to design thinking with IDEO Founder, David Kelley.

Multi-week Courses

Insights for Innovation

Gain deeper insights into customer needs and develop stronger solutions.
From Ideas to Action

Get tangible by generating ideas, experimenting, and iterating to help others experience your vision of the future.
Storytelling for Influence

Learn how to craft a compelling narrative, inspire others to follow your lead, and connect with diverse audiences.
Leading for Creativity

Learn how to build a culture of creativity, scale design thinking, and create breakthrough solutions.

How It Works

How It Works

Introductory Class

  • 90 minutes
  • Online
  • Self-paced

Multi-week Courses

  • 4 hours per week over 5 weeks
  • Online
  • Self-paced

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Which class or course is right for my team?

Hello Design Thinking
A 90-minute introduction to design thinking that can be taken at any time.

Insights for Innovation:
6-week course on the building blocks of design thinking including, observing, learning from extremes, interviewing, immersive empathy, and sharing insights.

From Ideas to Action
5-week course on the building blocks of design thinking including, the art of ideating, rapid prototyping, and iterating your way forward.

Storytelling for Influence
5-week course to help create impact inside your organization by developing your blueprint, building storytelling prototypes, and designing for impact.

Leading for Creativity
4-week course for emerging leaders to learn to lead with a strong point of view, lead through culture, and lead alongside.

How does IDEO U work?

Through a series of 3-5 minute videos, we illustrate important skills and mindsets. Then we show you how to take action.

We believe in learning by doing. Assignments invite learners to try out their new skills in both online activities and offline through real-world projects.

Sharing deepens learning. Learners complete assignments on their own, but then share with others from their organization and across the IDEO U community to get feedback.

Reflecting on new learnings makes them stick. Learners begin thinking about how to incorporate their newly minted skills into day-to-day work.

Our 90-minute introductory class is designed to give our learners a chance to SEE and TRY the basics of the design thinking process.

Why are your multi-week courses online-only and not in-person?
IDEO U's multi-week courses allow learners to:
  • Accomplish far more than they would in a brief, in-person workshop.
  • Put design thinking into action and engage with a global community.
  • Work at their own pace, on their own time.
  • Not worry about coordinating schedules or diverting people from their day-to-day work.
What are the benefits of enrolling as a team?
For teams of 15+ from the same organization, we offer additional services for our multi-week courses. For more information, contact
How much does IDEO U cost?

Hello Design Thinking ($199/person)

Insights for Innovation ($399/person)
From Ideas to Action ($399/person)
Storytelling for Influence ($399/person)
Leading for Creativity ($599/person)

How do I pay?

We accept credit cards and PayPal. These are the easiest methods of payment, however we understand that not all organizations can pay this way. If you cannot pay by credit card or PayPal, reach out to

To get started, select the “Enroll My Team” button at the bottom of this page.

Need help?
Reach out to us at We're happy to answer your questions.

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