Creative Confidence Podcast

Conversations on leadership and design thinking

The IDEO U Creative Confidence Podcast hosts candid conversations with some of today’s most inspiring change makers, design thinkers, and creative minds. IDEO U Executive Design Director Coe Leta Stafford and Founder Suzanne Gibbs Howard speak with guests about their approach to leadership, creativity, innovation, and growth. Get insight into their success through personal stories and real-world examples, and learn how to bring a human-centered approach to your own work.

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Latest Episodes

  • Creative Energy: Keith Yamashita

    In times of turbulence, uncertainty or stress, it can be difficult to tap into the creativity needed to do your best work. SYPartners and kyu Collective Founder Keith Yamashita says those are the times it’s most impactful to have a reservoir of inspiration to pull from. In this conversation with Keith, we talk about rituals and tactics you can try to find inspiration individually, in duos and in teams.

  • How to Create Workplace Rituals: Erica Keswin

    Erica Keswin, author of Rituals Roadmap, shares the business case for rituals in the workplace and the key elements behind a ritual.

  • Web3 Mindsets For Business Leaders: Tara Tan

    Tara Tan, General Partner and Investor at IDEO Creative Capital, joined us to share three themes she’s seeing emerge in the world of web3 and how to apply those ideas to your business, whether you’re in the digital space or not.

  • Data and Storytelling: Justin Massa

    ​​IDEO’s Justin Massa shares how the combination of data and storytelling can overcome strategic roadblocks.

  • Envisioning the Future: Steve Schwall & Jan Rod

    IDEO’s Steve Schwall and Jan Rod share stories of projects in the transportation and mobility world, techniques they rely on to create future-forward products and experiences, and how low-fidelity prototyping unlocks new ideas in highly complex industries.