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Your Superpower is your contribution, the role that you’re put on this Earth to fill. It’s what you do better than anyone else.

Everyone has unique strengths – those things that come effortlessly and naturally to you. From Superpowers to Great Teams, a new online class offered by IDEO U in partnership with SYPartners, guides learners through a discovery process to identify their unique strengths—called Superpowers—and learn to amplify them.

Drawing from the archetypes and attributes of effective leaders, these superpowers range from empathy—a strong ability to understand the needs of others—to systems building—understanding all of the pieces of a process—to creative thinking, grit, and decisiveness, among others. Tapping into your superpower will not only help you to bring your best self to work, it will allow you to create the conditions for the people around you to thrive. Knowing yourself and how you relate to others is key to building strong relationships, great teams, and thriving organizations.

Superpower: Systems Thinking

Superpowers: Systems Thinking

Systems Thinkers are fearless about the unknown. They travel to the outer edges of a problem, then work their way back to reveal all the parts and how they connect. They can see the forest and the trees—and even the underground root system. They’re invaluable when the team is trying to get its bearings in a complicated situation. And they can also help a team think through the pros and cons of various options.

Collaboration Tips

  • Give Systems Thinkers room to explore and investigate. It may seem like they’re going off on a tangent, but eventually you’ll see the value of it.
  • Focus them on the true mountains, not the molehills. Systems Thinkers can have a tendency to make everything bigger.

Identify your superpower, build stronger work relationships, and learn how to set the conditions for thriving, collaborative teams in our new class, From Superpowers to Great Teams.

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