IDEO U for Teams

We're here to grow together.

Gain methods that will give your team a common language for innovation, plus the tools, strategies, and skills IDEO has developed over 30 years.

Just like getting exercise with a friend, we know that taking a course with other people makes each individual more accountable, and more likely to succeed. Working with a team will create a shared language that becomes core to your company's competitive capabilities after the course is complete.

Teams have the option of focusing on a real world project together throughout the course. Feedback is also a huge part of the learning experience — it deepens your learning so what you produce is of a higher quality.

Working with a team will create a shared language that becomes core to your company's competitive capabilities after the course is complete.

Here are some helpful FAQs that we've received. Click the questions below for more information. 

What can we accomplish as a team after taking this course that we can't today?
IDEO U will help you fluidly come up with new solutions for old problems. We are going to empower you with innovative tools, skills, and strategies so you can solve problems more effectively, more creatively, and with more empathy. In short, our courses produce more innovative teams.
What kind of commitment does a course require?
Our courses are built to be completed at your own pace — we made them for busy people! An average of just four hours' commitment a week is required to get maximum benefit. These courses are ideal for distributed teams, allowing everyone to coordinate their learning experience on their own schedule, online. The only time-specific part of a course is optional online office hours with instructors and community managers.
How can I get others in my organization to adopt this?
Design thinking isn't for everyone — it's for those who see a challenge, want to create impact, and are open to new ways of working. Think about the people in your company who embody that ethos. Share our site with them and ask them to contact us with any questions at all. Support them through their learning journey with your own experiences.
What's the difference between enrolling as a team vs. enrolling as an organization?
Teams that enroll in IDEO U courses become a hotbed of innovation. They quickly evolve into leaders of change throughout their organization. A team is generally five to fifty people. Organizations that enroll in an IDEO U course (or courses) usually bring everyone within their walls onboard. This way, numerous people inside the company can adopt the mindsets for innovation and the entire culture can transform. An organization is generally 100+ people. If you're thinking about getting involved with IDEO U at scale, but want to test it out first, try it out with a team!
Can I get a discount for enrolling a team of people?
We're delighted to hear that you'll be learning with us as a team! Unfortunately, at this time we don't discount. For larger groups, or for learning at scale, please check out our range of offerings for organizations.
Looking for a detailed breakdown of the IDEO U learning experience?
Here's where to find it.