Creating Company Values Beyond Profit

When the company purpose focuses on making a meaningful change in the world, it stokes employees’ passion, inspires them, and injects powerful meaning into their work. Individual compensation and organizational profit play an important role in employee motivation, but they tend to have a limited impact past a moderate threshold. Inspired performance, long-term dedication, and sustained innovation require that the organization activate employees intrinsic motivation—passion for a meaningful cause above and beyond profit.

Purpose is one of the fundamental six Creative Qualities that successful organizations exhibit. Does your organization have a clear purpose beyond making a profit?


6 Tips from IDEO Designers on How to Unlock Insightful Conversation

Having recently joined IDEO, I was fascinated by the way design researchers can enter any situation, and instantly make people feel at ease. They can interview anyone, from wounded veterans to wedding planners, and encourage them to open up and share their unfiltered opinions. These genuine encounters are incredibly important to our work because they allow us to develop the empathy we need to design for specific user groups. Empathy is essential for uncovering deep insights and ultimately creating novel, game-changing products and services.