Insights for Innovation: Design & Healthcare Spotlight

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Join a community of healthcare practitioners using design thinking to tackle some of the toughest challenges in healthcare today.


Insights for Innovation: Design & Healthcare Spotlight

  • Collaborate with others in the healthcare industry who are working to make healthcare more human-centered.
  • Learn and apply the skills of gathering insights to relevant healthcare challenges during this 5-week course.
  • Connect with a global community of like-minded practitioners working on healthcare innovation.
  • Have access to an IDEO U healthcare coach for additional guidance.

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Learn IDEO’s approach to gathering human-centered insights that fuel innovation.

Course Description

Insights for Innovation is at the heart of what IDEO is known for—human-centered design. This 5-week in-depth focus on the first phase of design thinking will ground you in the needs of the people you’re creating for. Develop empathy for your customers and surface insights for creating products and services they want and need. Gain practical design thinking skills and mindsets and turn your customer needs into human-centered solutions.

Course Details

In this course you will learn and practice five skills for insights:

  1. Observing: “Listen with your eyes" and discover what people really care about.
  2. Learning from Extremes: Stretch your thinking beyond assumptions and get to bolder ideas.
  3. Interviewing: Conduct interviews to get deeper, more honest responses.
  4. Immersive Empathy: Learn what it means to “walk in someone else’s shoes.”
  5. Sharing Insights: Craft compelling insights that will inspire innovation.

    What Our Learners Are Saying

    Fantastic content, excellent format, very engaging, interesting materials, and just plain fun. This is one of the best courses I've taken online.

    Director - Global Delivery Model Services, PwC

    Good structure, material, and great team.

    Senior Software Engineer, Roku


     What You’ll Do:

    • Watch interactive videos. They’re bite-sized (1-5 minutes).
    • Practice what you’ve learned through interactive activities. We believe in learning by doing here.
    • Tackle a project challenge. You can solve anything creatively!
    • Share your ideas. You’ll have the support of experienced guides and a community of like-minded learners.   
    • Pace yourself. You can set your own drumbeat for this course and get the full experience even with a busy schedule.

    Taste of the Learning Experience:

     You can learn a whole lot about people from what they carry in their bags. In the video below, get curious about the lives of others. 

    Estimated Time Commitment: 30 minutes–4 hours per week (over 5 weeks). We've designed an experience with layers of content for all appetites. 

    What You’ll Get:

    • A flexible skill set to discover new insights.
    • A course toolkit to keep practicing your skills.
    • Feedback from experienced designers and a community of like-minded learners.
    • Completed work that you can share with others.
    • A Certificate of Completion to post on your professional network.

    How is Insights for Innovation different from Hello Design Thinking?

    While Hello Design Thinking is a 90-minute introductory design thinking class for people who need an understanding of the basics of design thinking, Insights for Innovation is a 5-week in-depth design thinking course for those looking to deepen their design thinking skills and mindsets.

    About Your Instructors


    As IDEO's Global Design Director for Insights, Coe Leta keeps IDEO's methodologies on the cutting edge, making them more digital, data rich and playful. She leads teams through the Design Research process to understand people’s needs, reveal insights, and inspire innovative solutions.

    Coe Leta's work has won several international awards and has been featured in the New York Times and Wired. She has a Ph.D. in Cognition and Development from U.C. Berkeley and regularly teaches at Stanford University’s d.School.


    Jane Fulton Suri is a Partner and Chief Creative Officer at IDEO. Jane founded IDEO’s practice of human-centered insights, pioneering approaches that spread throughout organizations across the globe. To increase access to this approach, Jane published IDEO’s Method Cards and Thoughtless Acts? Observations on Intuitive Design, a collection of snapshots that depict the subtle and creative ways in which people interact with the world.

    As a popular public speaker, she regularly addresses design and business audiences, and lectures at Stanford, Harvard and other universities internationally.