The Learning Experience Breakdown

Here’s a peek at exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for an IDEO U course.

We’ve taken a lot of time to create engaging, entertaining, bite-sized videos to make learning more delightful for you. Each course is broken up into different lessons with a series of 3-5 minute videos to learn about a particular topic. 

The best education is learning from experience. We believe that students learn creativity and innovation by doing. In each lesson, there are activities that you can do in a few minutes, but there are also project level activities that truly help you build muscles around creativity and innovation.

Our lessons come with tangible tools, strategies, and take-aways. These frameworks and steps are provided in downloadable materials that you can keep, use again and again, and leverage in your work leading others.

We’ve worked diligently to collect and spotlight examples of work from IDEO projects all over the globe. We’ll share these with you in each course and then invite reflection and discussion to help you and the community learn even more.

When you join IDEO U, you join a discussion with hundreds of others. The dynamics of our learning experience help that community grow through collective intelligence. We find that while this may not be the reason people join an IDEO U course, it is one of the pieces they end up loving the most.

In addition, the day to day conversations amongst our students are also facilitated by IDEO Community Guides. During each course we host live, video-based (optional) office hours where students can ask instructors questions or submit work for review. Learners often comment that through our courses they got a “peek behind the curtain” at what goes on inside of IDEO and what makes our work and the collaborative work experience so magical.

Tim Brown

Our courses are created and taught by IDEO’s top talent. These include IDEO partners and directors. Many other design thinking or innovation courses are taught by people with an academic perspective. While we certainly value this, we know that the nuances of a fast-paced business world require a less academic approach.