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Explore the Course: Insights for Innovation

“Empathy helps unlock new perspectives, which is essential when coming up with creative ideas and solutions.”
 Coe Leta Stafford, IDEO U Co-Managing Director

Is Insights for Innovation for You?

Core benefits of the course:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and create products and services they care about.
  • Collaborate with a global community of learners from diverse industries to push your learning, share and receive feedback and resources, and develop long-term connections.
    • Learn from case studies within a wide range of industries, products, and services. Discover insights that lead to human-centered design through the 5 course lessons: Observation, Learning from Extremes, Interviewing, Immersive Empathy, and How to Share these Insights with Your Team.

    Why is Empathy Important?

    We’ve run this course many times and repeatedly learners report that the empathy lessons helped them the most in generating insights to shape the future of their organization.

    With empathy, you see the world through a different lens. It helps you feel something and then want to do something about it. And this new perspective and sense of action are essential when trying to generate creative ideas and solutions.

    Immersive Empathy Exercise 

    Immersive empathy is about experiencing the world as the people you’re creating for experience the world. It often forces you to step outside your comfort zone and enter what we call the courage zone. When you step into this discomfort, you’ll frequently experience the richest learning and insights. 

    Here’s a simple immersive empathy activity you can try right now:  

    Among colleagues, friends, or family, get down on your knees. Observe how the world feels from this height. This is the height of an average 6-year-old. See how shifting your perspective can unlock new insight? What emotions come to mind empathizing with kids through this exercise? 

    We believe in equipping everyone with these creative skills and approaches. The methods and mindsets you’ll learn in Insights for Innovation will help you see the world as your customers see the world. Begin your design thinking journey today.  

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