IDEO U for Organizations

We're working toward transformation across our entire organization.

IDEO U for Organizations

Use IDEO's structured approaches to innovation and unleash your organization's creative problem solving potential at scale.

As the speed of change in business accelerates and the market is more volatile, problems are becoming increasingly complicated. Organizations set to succeed are the ones able to quickly adapt, evolve, and stay ahead of their competition. That means building a creatively competitive workforce. And that's why we've made IDEO U. IDEO U helps organizations grow their creative capability. That means generating and executing on bold ideas even when the path is unclear. 

We help organizations build their capabilities at scale with bite-sized online learning — what IDEO U offers goes far beyond what can be offered in a workshop. Learners gain the ability to pick up new ways of working, apply it, discuss it, reflect on it, and do it all over again with another nugget. Learning by doing has always been our key to success.

Here are some helpful FAQs that we've received. Click the questions below for more information. 

What will IDEO U provide to support our organization?
Beyond the entertaining videos, activities, tools, frameworks, and strategies provided in each course, organizations receive private online rooms to reflect and discuss project work. You are also given the option to focus on a real world challenge that currently exists within your company.

IDEO U also provides external support and nudging to ensure learners are keeping up with the course. We will share data with your organizer so you can better understand completion rates and active users. Your organization will be given community guides from within IDEO that are available exclusively to your group.

Of course, our courses are created and taught by IDEO's partners and directors.
What are my purchasing options as an organization?
Organizations have the power to customize IDEO U to fit your group's needs. Here are our four current plans:
  • Open enrollment: Plug into our existing catalog of online classes
  • Private instance: Your schedule, our existing course. Here we get involved with customized support and involvement
  • Bulk deal: 100+ of your learners join at a reduced rate
  • Bespoke offer: Joint workshop in-person with IDEO plus online course or tailored course for 100+ learners from your organization
What's the difference between enrolling as a team vs. enrolling as an organization?
Teams that enroll in an IDEO U course (or courses) become a hotbed of innovation. They quickly evolve into leaders of change throughout their organization. A team is generally five to fifty people.

Organizations that enroll in an IDEO U course (or courses) usually bring everyone within their walls onboard. This way, everyone in the company can adopt the mindset for culture change. An organization is generally 100+ people. If you're thinking about getting involved with IDEO U at scale, but want to test it out first, try it out with a team!
Looking for someone to chat with about enrolling your organization?
Contact, we'll be happy to answer any and all of your questions.